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Title: NESTs and NNESTs: Is there are place for both in private educational organisations?
Authors: Fitzell, Rebecca
metadata.dc.contributor.advisor: Rascón-Moreno, Diego
metadata.dc.contributor.other: Universidad de Jaén. Filología Inglesa
Abstract: [ES] Este Proyecto Final abordará el tema de los profesores de inglés nativos y no nativos, resaltando las fortalezas y debilidades que se les consideran según cinco grupos de personas y respondiendo a la pregunta: “¿No crees que hay sitio para ambos tipos de profesores en una academia de inglés?”
[EN] This Final Project will address the topic of native English-speaking teachers and non-native English-speaking teachers, highlighting their claimed strengths and weaknesses according to five groups of people and answering the question of: “Don’t you think there is space for both respective teachers in a private English-language school?”
Issue Date: 4-Nov-2015
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